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Welcome to the "Little Rose" Website. We hope that your visit today will be blessed abundantly. We join our prayers to yours.

Little Rose Ferron mass will be held on May 21 at 8:30 at the Holy Family Church in Woonsocket, RI!
Blessing to everyone- if anyone takes pictures of this mass and devotees, please send pictures to the Apostolate Website.
                                                                                Thank you and God bless
My Heart Speaks to Thee
THIS  WEBSITE  IS IN HONOR OF MARIE-ROSE FERRON("LITTLE ROSE") ONLINE as of December 2004 in Multilingual Format.  Here you will find information in --English,  German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese-- on her life, her special prayers and devotions,  testimonies from her devoted followers, the latest news and information on  her behalf.  To email testimonies and to subscribe to the Magazine of Little Rose go to CONTACTS and send your request on the handy pad provided. To see how you can HELP promote the Little Rose, see section on Ways to Help. We hope you are spiritually enriched by Little Rose as you vist the Little Rose Website and will pass the web address on to your friends. 

--Paulette Nickel,  Coordinator

We, the Apostolate, wish to clarify that we are a separate entity from that of the LIttle Rose Ferron Foundation.  Our goals are to offer materials to introduce the virtues and sanctity of Marie Rose Ferron.  She continues to be role model for us-- showing us how to live a faithful Christian life following the footsteps of Christ.
For those who wish to order books and booklets about Little Rose:  

A Stigmatist 
by Jeanne Savard Bonin --;$25.00- plus postage for all material-  this book is limited for now

She Wears a Crown of Thorns
by Fr. O. Boyer      $22.00  -  This book is one of the originals of Rose’s life- it has not been sold since the 1950’s but has been made available to us for a period of time- limited- one of a kind

My Heart Speaks to Thee
by Wanda Sadowski    $5.00

For Love of Jesus , For Love of Souls
Szynkowski-  $15.00  (this book as many, many pictures of Little Rose- book is limited for now.  

80th Anniversary Rosaries in memory of Little Rose- $15.00- Touched to Rose’s grave and her bed that she suffered in.    

I pray that all devotees and those interested will be able to attend the lectures and the masses- this is the time to stand strong in our love for Little Rose Ferron to show that her devotion has never eased.  

Life of Marie Rose Ferror (from Mystics of the Church);
There is an excellent article on the life of Marie Rose Ferron on the website "Mystics of the Church." Click HERE to access the page.    (more . . .)

Remembrance and prayers for the decease   (more . . .)

Novena to "Little Rose" 0 Lord, in these days when souls are hungering for pleasure and devoured by greed, who refuse to renounce themselves to "Take up their cross and follow You". You have raised in our midst Little Rose, who during her life kept her eyes on the Passion and responding to Your ...    (more . . .)

Prayers of "Little Rose"  
Spiritual Communion of Little Rose My Jesus, I love You. I desire a million times that you come into my soul. If my tongue cannot tell You at every moment that I love You, at least may my heart repeat it at every breath. Give me the grace to suffer while loving You, and to love You while ...    (more . . .)

Poetry /Songs & Wisdom of Little Rose
Her Spiritual Recipe for a Happy Life... "Grind up all your sufferings in the mill of patience and silence; mix them with the balsam of the Passion of the Savior; make them into a small pill and swallow it with faith and love and the fire of charity will digest it." "There is a secret in the ...    (more . . .)

Hymns to "Little Rose" English and French 
Dear to Jesus Hymn to "Little Rose" I. Little Rose, thou chosen mirror of our Savior's holy Face, Crowned with thorns and sorely wounded, Victim in the sinner's place, Intercede for us who love thee, Dear to Jesus as thou art, Ask for grace and light and healing From the ...    (more . . .)

To Obtain a Favor From Little Rose: English & German
O gentle Jesus, lover of Little Souls, we beseech you to grant us through the intercession of Little Rose, the favor we so earnestly request .....so that she may be glorified in the Church. My Jesus, pardon and mercy through the merits of Your Sacred Wounds. Eternal Father, I offer You the Wounds ...    (more . . .)

Marie Rose Ferron Biography: English
Marie Rose Ferron was born to devout Catholic parents on May 24, 1902, in the countryside near Quebec. Rose's mother was seized by labor pains as she toiled the fields, and sought refuge in a nearby dwelling. And so, like her Jesus, Rose was born in a stable. Although she never discussed it openly, ...    (more . . .)

Biography of Little Rose in German
Marie Rose Ferron wurde zu den frommen katholischen Eltern an Mai 24 getragen, 1902, in der Landschaft nahe Quebec. Mutter Rose wurde durch die Arbeitsschmerz als sie ergriffen plagte auffängt ab, und gesuchter Schutz in einer nahe gelegenen Wohnung.
    (more . . .)

Biography of Little Rose: Italian & Spanish
ITALIAN: Marie Rosa Ferron è stato sopportato ai genitori cattolici devout maggio su 24, 1902, nella campagna vicino alla Quebec. La madre della Rosa è stata grippata dai dolori di lavoro come lei lavorano duramente i campi, e rifugio cercato ad una in una dimora vicina. E così, come il suo Jesus, Rosa è ...    (more . . .)

Spirituality of Little Rose: English, & German
Marie Rose Ferron "Little Rose" Suffering Soul of the Stigmata Marie Rose Ferron, known as "Little Rose," born on May 24,1902, began to experience visions of Our Lord even as a child. Her health deteriorated, and by age 20, she was virtually bedridden with various ailments. On April 13, 1926, ...    (more . . .)

Ministry of Reparation: English & German
Little Rose was called by God to a Ministry of Reparation... to atone before God for the sins of humanity. Before her death God instructed her to found a Community of Reparation of which she would be Foundress. With the Bishop's approval, Little Rose made her profession of vows to God, according to ...    (more . . .)

A Reflection on "Little Rose" Ferron: English & Dutch;
A Reflection on the Life of Marie Rose Ferron 1902-1936 As Witnessed by Noted Author Jeanne Savard Bonin The stigmatized Victim of Woonsocket, Rhode Island lived in my Holy Family parish under the direction of Mgr. Stephen Grenier, as pastor, during the last 11 years of her life. Father ...    (more . . .)

Translations of Reflection: German & Italian
Une réflexion la vie de Marie Rose Ferron 1902-1936 Comme été témoin par l'auteur remarquable Jeanne Savard Bonin La victime stigmatisée de Woonsocket, Île de Rhode a vécu dans ma paroisse sainte de famille sous la direction de Mgr. Stephen Grenier, comme pasteur, pendant les 11 dernières ...    (more . . .)

Why Should I Want To Know Her? English & French
"MARIE ROSE FERRONE"...Why Should I Want To Know Her? Little Rose is an important person to know because by her virtuous life she shows us how to live the life that Jesus asks us to live. Her example of patient endurance of suffering while all the while maintaining a joyful attitude about life is a ...    (more . . .)

Little Rose in Death: English & German
The Beauty and serenity of Little Rose as she appears immediately after death, May 11, 1936 in Woonsocket, R.I. Eleven years later in 1947 when her body was exhumed for investigation into her ,it was found to be incorrupt.    (more . . .)

"Little Rose" Gravesite
Marie Rose Ferron lies buried in the Precious Blood Cemetery in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. A cross crowned with thorns is etched on her gravestone; beneath it rests a dove with outstretched wings, surrounded by sprays of roses. On the white marble headstone, a simple epitaph inscribed in French ...    (more . . .)

Gravesite Information in German & Italian
Marie Rose Ferron Lügen begraben im kostbaren Blut-Kirchhof in Woonsocket, Rhode-Insel. Ein Kreuz, das mit den Dornen gekrönt wird, wird auf ihrem Grabstein geätzt; unter es steht eine Taube mit ausgestreckten Flügeln still, umgeben durch Sprays der Rosen. Auf dem weißen Marmorgrundstein ein ...    (more . . .)

Little Rose in Many Languages ... 
Communion Spirituelle de petite Rose... Mon Jésus, Je t'aime. Je désire million périodes que vous héritez mon âme. Si ma langue ne peut pas vous indiquer à chaque moment cela je t'aime, peut au moins mon coeur répétez-l'à chaque souffle. Donnez-moi la grace pour souffrir tout en vous ...    (more . . .)

"Let Us Braid our Crown of Thorns"--
"Let us braid our crown of thorns on this earth so that my Jesus will change it to a crown of roses in heaven." Marie Rose Ferron, the stigmatized ecstatic of Woonsocket, Rhode Island was a stigmatist, mystic, visionary, and victim soul who died in 1936 at the age of 33 years. She was a parishioner of Holy Family Church ...    (more . . .)

Let Us Braid our Crown of Thorns: Italian & Spanish;
"intrecciamo la nostra parte superiore delle spine su questa terra in modo che il mio Jesus la cambierà ad una parte superiore di rose nel cielo." Marie Rosa Ferron "stigmatized ecstatic di Woonsocket, l'Rhode-isola era uno stigmatist, mystic, visionario, ed anima della vittima che è ...    (more . . .)

Rev. O.A. Boyer, S.T.L. 
Rev. O.A. Boyer, S.T.L. was the Spiritual Director of Little Rose and following her death was instrumental in writing her wonderful biography entitled: SHE WEARS A CROWN OF THORNS. Information on how/where to obtain a copy of the book is available under the section: Books and Resources. Here is a ...    (more . . .)

Rev. O.A. Boyer, S.T.L., German & Italian
Umdr.. O.A. Boyer, S.T.L. war der geistige Direktor von kleiner Rose und nach ihrem Tod im Schreiben war ihre wundervolle erlaubte Biographie instrumentell: SIE TRÄGT DORNENKRONE. Informationen an wiewo man eine Kopie des Buches ist vorhanden unter dem Abschnitt erhält: Bücher und Betriebsmittel. ...    (more . . .)

The "Stigmata" in Church History
For What purpose does God permit the “Stigmata” to appear on the bodies of certain “chosen souls”? With the question of the 'stigmata' one must proceed on the path of sound discernment. It is true that psychosomatic effects can take place in people when they are in an hysterical state or other ...    (more . . .)

Personal Testimonies From Devotees
An abundance of filed documentation--too numerous to print--exists from all over the world relative to the many graces and favors received through the intercession of Little Rose since her death in 1936. Each month we will print a selection here for our many viewers, so stay logged on to share in the grace of each story....    (more . . .)

Books & Resources 
The following list of materials convey parts of the story of Little Rose Ferron. For a complete understanding of her life, it is advisable to read all of the available material, if possible. The books, "She Wears a Crown of Thorns" and "They Bore the Wounds of Christ" convey facts about the ...    (more . . .)

Support Little Rose Apostolate...
WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP THE LITTLE ROSE APOSTOLATE? --First and foremost pray through Little Rose's intercession for your own needs and for her promotion among the faithful that the Church may recognize her sanctity. --Learn more about her through the reading of her books, especially Fr. Boyer's ...    (more . . .)

Little Rose Photo Album 
The inner and outer beauty of Little Rose is depicted in the series of photographs taken of her during her short life. Here we see her around the time of her First Holy Communion. Continued inside...   (more . . .)

Devotees and Misc. Photo Album       
(more . . .)
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Let Us Braid our Crown of Thorns: Italian & Spanish
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